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Do You Want to Sell Your House?
Do you want to sell your house and move to a new place that fits your current lifestyle needs?

Are you familiar with the FIVE things you Must know about when selling your house;  Financing for Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Home Buying Companies, and Real Estate valuation web sites?

Do you know about the Transaction Costs that are a Reality to any transaction if you Want to sell your house?

Do you know the critical difference between Gross and Net amounts when selling your house?

"Secrets to Sell Your House" will help you with these complicated issues to give you the necessary information and tools you need to make your move as Stress and Hassle Free as possible.

Here are just some of the items you will discover:

  • Must know information about Real Estate Agents
  • What to expect when Buyers need financing
  • The positives and negatives about Home Buying Companies
  • The truth about real estate valuation web sites
  • Preparing your house for sale
  • Options for Selling your house
  • Challenges with selling your house
  • Realistic expectations you should have when you sell
  • Working with potential buyers
  • What happens if your house doesn't sell
  • What to do with all the "stuff" in your house
What You Will Receive Inside:

   * Free Home Sale Coupons worth more than $1,000 !!
   * Free "Secrets to Sell" ebook
   * Free Worksheet to detail the Transactions Costs
      of Selling Your House

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